Expert Expresses Concern over Female Genital Infections as Bauchi NMA Conducts 2022 AGM/Scientific Conference

Expert Expresses Concern over Female Genital Infections as Bauchi NMA Conducts 2022 AGM/Scientific Conference
Aug 09, 2022
By: Lizzy Carr,

Expert Expresses Concern over Female Genital Infections as Bauchi NMA Conducts 2022 AGM/Scientific Conference

A Consultant in Public Health from  Gombe State University, Dr Ibrahim Rabiu has noted that female genital schistosomiasis is an emerging public health problem that affects women and girls endemic areas.

He was speaking at the 2022 annual general meeting AGM and Scientific conference of the Bauchi branch of Nigeria Medical Association NMA held at the specialist Hospital Bauchi.

Dr Rabiu said endemic areas include fishing and agriculture communities, places with poor access to portable water, poor sanitation and hygiene.

Female genital schistosomiasis he noted is a disease condition where eggs laid by adult parasite migrate and become trapped in the genital organs such as ovaries fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix and vagina.

The consultant said there are 56million women and girls infected with the disease in sub Saharan Africa,stating that it occurs in up to 79%of women affected by schistosomiasis.

“Though in Nigeria the burden of Female genital schistosomiasis is not known, two studies on FGS have been carried out, and shows a rise in the number of reported cases even among girls as young as five years” .

It present itself through vagina discharge, vagina itching, lowered abdominal pain, discomfort during sex,post coital bleeding and bleeding in between menstrual period

The consequences of female genital schistosomiasis he added include infertility, abortion or ectopic pregnancy,genital ulcers, involuntary urination when coughing or laughing, depression,chronic pelvic pain,increased risk of HIV/HPV infections and tumour of the vulva, vagina and cervix.

“There are challenges due to lack of awareness, undiagnosed or under reported, and limitation in clinical diagnosis of FGS among even the health workers”.

Dr Rabiu said the disease is treated with a single dose of praziquantel.

He called for the provision of potable water to endemic communities, and for people to avoid indiscriminate defecation.

In another presentation on Medico_ Legal Issues in clinical practice, the State Chairman Nigeria Bar Association Barrister Jibrin called on health facilities to strengthen their internal mechanism in settling grievances from patients to prevent legal battles.

” You know the National health act has been signed into law and it provides that a patient has rights when accessing medical services even if he is a victim of gun shots, so you need work inline with the provision of the act”.

Declaring the AGM/ Scientific Conference open Bauchi state governor Bala Mohammed said the blueprint from the state health summit has given his administration direction on how to address the health challenges of the state.

He noted that government has started addressing some of these challenges that include the renovation of General Hospitals and engagement for medical personnel.

Represented by the executive chairman Hospital Management Board Dr Sambo Mohammed, the governor added that pre service medical students and retired medical Doctors have been employed and sent to hospitals across the state.

He promised to continue to work with the NMA to improve quality of care in the state.

State chairman Nigeria Medical Association Dr Adamu Sambo commended the state for given the association the opportunity to serve in health related boards and committees.

Sambo said the NMA has carried out medical outreaches in communities, held health talks in schools and communities as it’s contribution to the government’s quest to improve the quality of health care services.


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